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Hurricane Sandy damage map of Mantoloking

By Anthony on November 1, 2012 1:22 AM

Here is an unofficial map I have been working on. If you can help with any info please let me know.

This (unofficial!) map marks houses that appear to be destroyed or damaged by Hurricane Sandy. The triangle with the exclamation point means the structure appears severely damaged or washed away completely. The houses with question marks mean that damage is visible. This information is based on pictures and video that has been posted online. All homes are assumed to have at least some flood damage.

Update (Nov. 3): I am also now using the Google crisis map located here for comparison information (the initial was mostly from ground level photos and video), as well as the Bird's Eye view (if you are not familiar with that check it out - may be a better product than Google maps, at least for detail). Street numbers are coming from (I may eventually add a property damage assessment based on their real estate values also).

News from Mantoloking today was that there are over 100 homes completely destroyed in the borough.

Update (Nov. 5): Looking at photos taken from a helicopter on Sunday the 4th, it is pretty evident that many homes that seem to have intact rooflines and that I mention on the map as having little damage may actually be in much worse shape. There are details in these photos that I just have not seen before from the fly by videos and satellite images. The new photos are here.

Update (Nov. 15): Well, I don't think I will be updating the map again. There are more resources available now, and I think all the Red or compromised houses have been marked. If you house is not marked, it is most likely in the Green category (but again - please don't make any decisions or assumptions about your property based on this map - it could be wrong!).

Here are some more resources to stay up to date:

Sandy in Mantoloking - aerial photos from the Western Carolina University Program for the Study of Developed Shorelines. Just about every home in town can be seen in these photos.

Borough of Mantoloking website: They are posting updates every day. I am a little surprised to read that this decision has apparently already been made:

The Army Corps is directing State contractors to "return Mantoloking to pre-Sandy condition."

I was actually sort of hoping that there would at least be a dialogue about what is a responsible and environmentally sound way to go forward - that there would perhaps be some new studies and alternate plans proposed - but it seems that the directive is to return to the status quo.

And they have the final list of assessed homes.