Rex Ryan's Moby Dick

By Anthony on December 20, 2012 9:17 PM

There is a lot of stupid stuff said and written in the NY sports world, and the JETS are an easy target. The Tim Tebow acquisition was an easy one for the many pundits, fans, and other idiots to make fun of, write about, scream about, joke about, etc. But I never read one coherent word about the whole thing. No one - NO ONE - understood (or as of this Sanchez benching moment still understands) - why the JETS, why Ryan, got Tebow. So let me make it easy:

Getting Tebow had nothing to do with getting Tebow. It had everything to do with not letting Belichick get Tebow.

Belichick is Ryan's Moby Dick. Ryan is not trying to win a Super Bowl as much as he thinks he is - he is really just trying to beat Belichick. The new safeties this year? Purely to (try to) beat up on New England's tight ends. Rebuilding a team, to (theoretically) beat one opponent is not how you win a Super Bowl. Unfortunately this has clouded his judgement and just about all the decisions that he and GM Mike Tannenbaum have made in the last several years, and taken them from contender back to pretender status. Where Belichick is constantly retooling and trying to come up with the best team, Ryan is really only thinking about beating Belichick. When Josh McDaniels, Tebow's NFL godfather was plucked back up by NE after being run out of Denver, you can be sure the genius twins (Ryan & Tannenbaum) thought - OMG! - they are going to sign Tebow and destroy us! So what did the JETS do? The signed Tebow, to keep him away from New England. It is that simple.

I love Ryan as a DC - but he won't be a "HC of the NYJ" for much longer if he doesn't concentrate on his team and stop chasing whales.

UPDATE: On June 11, 2013, this new broke: Tim Tebow to sign with New England Patriots, play QB. A sleepless night for Rex I would bet...

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