Those were the days...

By Anthony on February 12, 2012 12:10 AM | Comments (1)

Here is a photo shared from my cousin in Hungary, Eva. We have never met - but after I posted some information on line several years ago looking for my father's brother, she found me. We are planning a trip to meet her and her family and maybe her sister's also. My father had three sons, his brother had three daughters.


Charlotte and Tibor Finta, with my aunt Lois Mcelhinney (still a Narciso I at this point I think).

I am guessing this is 1959/60 or around there. A cousin from my mother's side of the family remembers the apartment - which I think must have been where they first lived when they were married - 3rd Ave. (or Second?) in Asbury Park. Maybe it was Tibor's birthday?


Ant - My mom said that this indeed was his birthday. And.. that was my mother's favorite dress.

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