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Two months

By Anthony on February 28, 2011 9:50 PM

How can two months pass without a post on your own blog? When blogging is basically what you do for a living??? Just life I guess - we moved near the end of the year, were very busy over the holidays, then El went to see her parents in the states for a couple of weeks, and we she got back everyone took turns getting seriously ill... and there you have it. 60 days since my last post. In that time I probably posted hundreds of things on our websites, dozens of comments on ours and others, deleted a ton of spam, started a new gig for a shoe company in Arezzo, updated pages and pages of content, did other work for half a dozen clients, and finally got around to getting the girls some furniture for their bedroom:


Basically it never ends, but this year is definitely about getting more work done and digging out. And some new stuff finally - like using Instagr.am (above), which is quickly becoming borderline addictive - you can see more of my first few shots on tumblr (another new tool in the kit).

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